Tucson Meteorite Auction 2007!
Saturday, February 3rd, 2007
Bidding starts 7:30PM Sharp
Registration, Viewing & Socializing begins 5:30PM
Food and Drink available
(Please drink only with a designated driver)
While in Tucson(619) 204-4138(Jan 31-Feb7)
In the VFW Hall (Post # 4903) on N. Beverly Ave., just off Speedway
Blvd. at 1150 N. Beverly Ave. (see directions below)

1 AH1
20.8 g Space Coin
Campo del Cielo
only 230 produced, Etched
No Minimum

2 AH2
Dalgaranga (Meso)
1923 Australia, TKW 12.2 kg
73.2 g possibly largest found?
Minimum: 750-

3 AH3
Dhofar 908 (Lunar)
Oman, TKW >245 g
8.152 g ½ Stone
Minimum: 6,500.oo

4 AH4
Dhofar 911 (Lunar)
TKW 194 g
.220 g Full Slice, Ultra-thin
No Minimum

5 AH5
Millbilllillie (Eucrite)
11 g Full Slice, thin
No Minimum

6 AH6
Murchison (CM2)
12.6 g ½ stone
Minimum bid: 1,200-

7 AH7
New Orleans
5 g Lot of Fragments
Fall September 23 rd, 2003
No Minimum

8 AH8
NWA032 (Lunar)
.080 g Part Slice
TKW ~300 grams
No Minimum

9 AH9
NWA516 (Winoniate)
1.84 g Part Slice TKW 68 g
Minimum Bid: 920-

NWA978 (R3.8)
9.1 g Full Slice - polished
No Minimum

11 MH1
Akwanga (H Chondrite)
2.894g Part (Polished)
No Minimum

12 MH2
Batesland (H5) SD
4.366g polished Part Slice
No Minimum

13 MH3
Drake Creek (L6)
1.46g fragment w metal nodule
No Minimum

14 MH4
Ensisheim (LL6)
0.048g polished slice
No Minimum

15 MH5
Henbury (Iron IIIAB)

36.26g w AMLab (Huss) #
No Minimum

16 MH6
CD Metallic Spheroids
No Minimum

17 MH7
Orgueil (CC)
0.088g fragment
No Minimum

18 MH8
Pena Blanca Spring (Aubrite)
3.976g cut fragment
No Minimum

19 MH9
Weston (H4)
0.67 gr frag
No Minimum

20 MH10
Wuan (H6)
4.388g polished Pt Slice
No Minimum

21 GH 1
NWA 960 (Anom Chond)
4.5g Pt Slice TKW 997g
No Minimum

22 GH 2
NWA 1195 (Shergottite)
2.588g Full Slice TKW 315g
Minimum 1,800 valued at $3,000+

23 GH 3
NWA 1877 (Olivine Diogenite)
11g Frag w F Crust
No Minimum

24 GH 4
NWA 2696 ( Howardite)
30g Individual 90% F Crust
No Minimum

25 GH 5
NWA 2708 (CK4)
3.8g Pt Slice TKW 524g
No Minimum

26 GH 6
NWA 2795 (Brecciated Diogenite)
11.8g End Cut TKW 329g
No Minimum

27 GH 7
NWA 2828 (EL3)
17.5g Part Slice
No Minimum

28 GH 8
NWA 2835 (Metachond)
17.8g End Piece TKW 1,233g
No Minimum

29 GH 9
NWA 2918 (CO3.0)
2.6g Pt Slice TKW 237g
No Minimum

30 GH 10
NWA 3133 (Anom)
5.75g Pt Slice
No Minimum

31 MM1
Allend (CV3.2)
No Minimum

32 MM2
Bilanga (Diogenite)
No Minimum

33 MM3
Burnwell (HH 4)
No Minimum

34 MM4
(C4 Ung)
No Minimum

35 MM5
Cumberland Falls (AUB)
No Minimum

36 MM6
Divnoe (Brachinite)
No Minimum

37 MM7
Hamlet (LL4)
.740 frag & .165 Pt Slice
No Minimum

38 MM8
Igdi (EUC)
No Minimum

39 MM9
Imilac (PAL)
12.2g Part Slice
No Minimum

40 MM10
Millbillillie (EUC)
4.57g Part Slice
No Minimum

41 GH 11
NWA 3143 (Diog)
6.4g Pt Slice TKW 2,335g
No Minimum

42 GH12
NWA 3144 (CV3) TKW 1,053g
3.7g Pt Slice Polished
No Minimum

43 GH 13
NWA 3149 (Brec HOW)
23g Pt Slice TKW 2,594g
No Minimum

44 GH 14
NWA 3151 (Brach)
1.546g Pt Slice TKW 1,500g
No Minimum

45 GH 15
NWA 3151 (Brach)
No Minimum - Retail = $300

46 GH 16
NWA 3160
Olivine Phyric Mare Basalt
462mg Pt Slice
No Minimum - Worth $800+

47 GH 17
NWA 3163, (Lunar)
198mg Part Slice, Ultra Thin
No Minimum-Over $300 Value

48 GH 18
NWA 3163 (Lunar)
TKW 1,634g
3.8g Pt Slice, Polish w FC
Minimum bid - 4,995
value Over $6,000

49 GH 19
NWA 3171 (Shergottite)
172mg Pt Slice TKW 506g
No Minimum

50 GH 20
Dhofar 1085 (Lunar)
6.272g End Piece
Minimum bid: 4,995-

51 GH 21 TKW 262g
NEA 001 (Lunar)
390mg Pt Slice
No Minimum

52 AB1
Traces of Catastrophe
by Bevan French V Rare
No Minimum

53 AB2
L D G/Gold Pendant
No Minimum

54 AB3
S-A/Gold Pendant
About 3.5cm long
No Minimum

55 AB4
Santa Vitoria do Palmar (L3)
51.50g Pt Slice
No Minimum

56 AB5
Seelasgen (C Octahedrite)
30.04g Etched one side
Other side is natural
No Minimum

57 MN1
34.35 LB Nan-Tan
(Non-rust type)
No Minimum

58 MN2
20.5 LB Nan-Tan
(Non-rust type)
No Minimum

59 MN3
6.5 LB Nan-Tan
(Non-rust type)
No Minimum

60 WC1
Space Shpere - fuel tank of
Molnyia Rocket series of Russia
Renentry markings & hole
micrometeorite impact craters
Minimum bid: 2,000-

61 AH11
NWA1222 (EL5)
Only 2 Non-Antarctic Exist!
6.6 g Pt Slice (polished to
mirror like finish)
No Minimum. (Retails
$125.oo/g when available)

62 AH12
NWA1459 (Olivine Diogenite)
First Privately owned TKW 49g
5.764 g Full Slice Polished
Largest slice!)
Minimum bid : $1,400
(worth many times opening bid,
Most beautiful OD ever found!)

63 AH13
NWA1648 (Polymict Diog)
23g Full Slice 100% rim F C
Minimum bid : $1,000

64 AH14
NWA1694 ( CK3) TKW 47g
2.61g End Piece - FC
No Minimum

65 AH15
NWA1877 (Olivine Diog)
15.4g End Piece, polished
No Minimum

66 AH16
NWA2120 (L3.5) TKW 702g
4.23g Full Slice - polished
No Minimum

67 AH17
NWA2126 Polymict Eucrite
62.5g Full Slice 50% crusted edge
No Minimum

68 AH18
NWA2737 (Chassignite)
.078g Pt Slice TKW 611g
No Minimum

69 AH19
NWA2999 (Angrite)
1.85g Full Slice- Polished
No Minimum

70 AH20
NWA3118 (CV3)
13.7g End Piece- Polished
No Minimum

71 MM11
NWA 800 (R4)
1.74g Ultra thin Full Slice
No Minimum

72 MM12
Portales Valley (H6)
11.2g Superb Full Slice
No Minimum

73 MM13
Red Rock (Iron IIIAB)
30.62g Calif. Find
No Minimum

74 MM14
SAHARA 99527 (R5)
1.368g Full Slice
No Minimum

75 MM15
Udei Station
(Iron IIIAB Silicated)
No Minimum

76 MM16
Vermillion (Proxine PAL)
9.6g exceptional rarity
No Minimum

77 MM17
Vaca Muerta (MESO)
6.95g Full Slice
No Minimum

78 MM18
Yilmia (EL6)
No Minimum

79 MM19
2,504g Specimen
No Minimum

80 MM20
Gujba (Bencubbinite)
4.23g Part Slice
No Minimum

81 AH21
NWA3128 (LL3.8)
With both Pristine &
Type 7 Zenoliths!
40.8g Full Slice 92% FC edge
Minimum bid : 2,000

82 AH22
(Ungr Type 3 Chond)
1.85 g Full Slice
TKW 51.7 g
No Minimum

83 AH23
NWA4439 (CO3.3)
1.83g Pt Slice - Polished
No Minimum

84 AH24
Seymchan Pallasite
31.1g Pt Slice -
Transl High polish

No Minimum

85 AH25
Spade (H6)
55g Pt Slice - Polished
No Minimum

86 AH26
Travis County (a) (H5)
Monnig Collection
67.4 g Pt End Cut - Polished
TCU/Monnig ID card

No Minimum

87 AH27
Zag (H3-6)
100.7g Frag w/ F C
No Minimum

88 ETw 1
Gujba (Bencubbinite)
17.2g Full Slice
No Minimum

89 ETw 2
Udei Station
58.8g Part Slice
No Minimum

90 ETw 3
1.5g Part Slice
No Minimum

91 MM21
Guanaco (Iron IIG)
58g Part Slice
No Minimum

92 FO1
Woodblock Print of Ensisheim
Hand Painted
pigments made from meteorites
No Minimum

93 BV1
LA 002 (Basaltic Shergottite)
6.5g Full Slice (Never available)
No Minimum
(LA 001 steady hist of $2,500/g)

94 AC1
NWA 047 (monomycte Eucrite)   
45g End cut (35 X 25 X 25mm)
No Minimum

95 AC2
Tafassasset (primitiv Brachinite)
7.2g Slice (20 X50 X 20mm)
No Minimum

96 AC3
Mont Dieu (siderite octaedrite
IIE) France
165g Slice with Fusion Crust  
No Minimum

97 AC4
Libyan Desert Glass
107g Whole w brown inclusion
No Minimum

98 AC5
Saint Aubin (siderite octaedrite
180g slice with Fusion Crust
Of-Om, the newest French siderite
No Minimum

99 AH28
Dhofar 908 (Lunar)
Cutting Dust Contained in
Cross Pendant with Silver Cap
.250 g ID Card & Riker Mnt
No Minimum  

100 AH 29
NWA 482 Lunar
Cutting Dust Cross Pendant
.250g ID Card & Riker Mnt
No Minimum

101 AH 30
NWA 2737 (Chassignite)
Frags Hand Made Pendant
w Silver Cap
.250g ID Card & Riker Mount
No Minimum  Worth ~$1,000.oo

102 AH31
NWA 3136 Mare &
NWA 3163 Highlands
Matched Cross Pendant Set.
Hand Made w Silver Caps
.250g of ea
No Minimum

103 PT1
NWA 1774 (R3.8-6)
{Only 4 R3.8-6 exist}
4.35g Thin Slice
No Minimum

104 PT2
Fell November 22, 2004
11.72g Slice  
No Minimum

105 PT3
NWA 4422 (CK3.9)
2.194g Thin Slice
This is the only CK3.9
TKW only 147.7g
No Minimum

106 PT4
NWA 4425 (CK3.8)
1.446g thin Pt Slice
No Minimum

107 PT5
NWA 1777 (EUC-P)
20.26g Pt Slice w FC
No Minimum

108 PT 6
NWA 1769 (HOW)
3.306g Frag
Very fresh
No Minimum

109 BE1
Book - Meteorites:
Photographic Study of Surface
:Part One
Signed by Ninninger
highly prized, full of spectacular
photos & nearly impossible to get.

No Minimum

110 BE2
Book - Meteorites:
Photographic Study of Surface
Features:Part Two:Orientation
by Ninninger - highly prized,
full of spectacular photos &
nearly impossible to get.

No Minimum


People wishing to submit specimens for sale
should contact me as soon as possible. Items will only be accepted
which are deemed to hold appeal to the collecting community
and which have modest reserves/minimums or no minimum.
Photos must be furnished before January 20th at the very latest
just to make the catalog. However, far more advertising is available
if jpgs and descriptions are submitted as soon as possible.

My costs in putting on the auction TRIPPLED from last year. I was
faced with several options:
A) Stop doing auctions (Changing locations would not work, as I left
my original location when they tripled their price. Space during the
Show is VERY expensive).

B) Increase Buyers' Premium (I have been charging 5% for some time)
C) Increase Sellers' commission fees.
D) a combination of B & C.
I decided on D with as minimal as possible impact on both sellers and
buyers. So, I set up the following criteria:

Buyers' Premium will go from 5% to 7%. This is still FAR below the
national standard in auctions, of which nearly all now charge between
15% and 25% buyers' premium! This increase of 2% will cover about
65% of my increased cost. For the remainder:
1) Those who get me their list and photos prior to Sep. 30 and bring their
pieces to the auction between 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM will still pay only 10%
2) Those who get the list and photos by Sep 30 and have me take the object
to the auction pay 15%
3) Those who get the list and photos to me between Sep 30 and Nov 30 pay
15% if they bring their items to the auction between 5:30 and 6:30 or 20%
if I bring it.
4) Those who get me their list and photos after Dec. 1 pay 20%
or, if I bring their items they pay 25%
5) Those who bring their item(s) unannounced the day of the auction pay
25% between 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM.
6) Anyone bringing their item(s) to the auction after 6:30 PM will pay
an additional 5% whatever their category, and those showing up unannounced
after 7PM will pay another additional 5%
7) Those who bring their item to the auction after 7:15
pay yet another 5%
Therefore, those offering items for sale will be paying as little as 10% and
depending when they enter their items a little more to the point that if they
show up unannounced in 10 minutes before the auction, as much as
40%. Hopefully, these prices will allow the majority of sellers to offer items
at the same low commission rate as always, bring down the last minute
insanity making flurry of entries yet generate enough to make up for the
dramatically increased overhead.

NOTE: I may or may not "negotiate" a lower fee for some sellers based
on my perception of the desirability and /or value of (a) given item(s).
In other words, if someone shows up at the last minute with a fabulous
specimen and is asking no minimum I may be willing to negotiate
the fee on said item. This is entirely at my discression.

ALL entries are at the discretion of the auctioneer and
QUALITY. I reserve the right to decline acceptance of items I do not believe will
generate a high level of interest among the bidders.

VFW Hall (Post # 4903) on N. Beverly Ave., just off Speedway Blvd. at
1150 N. Beverly Ave.

There is plenty of parking and a no host bar attached
to the hall with burgers, fries, sandwiches, etc. available.
Directions are extremely simple:
- Take Speedway east from HWY 10 five miles.
- Left on
Beverly which is a few blocks past the
major intersection of Swan and Speedway and two blocks
before the major intersection of Craycroft and Speedway.
(If you get to Craycroft, you went two blocks too far).
- Turn left onto N. Beverly Ave. from Speedway and pull
into the ample VFW parking lot at 1150 N. Beverly Ave.

Tucson is laid out such that Broadway, Speedway and Grand all run
parallel on another and are the main arteries roughly East and West,
while many main arteries run roughly North/South, such as Swan and

- People "cash out" in the order they register for a bid card. ABSOLUTELY
However, I will be attempting to have TWO people cashing out everyone and
one DURING the auction for those who were interested in only one or two
- Buyer's Premium is 7%
- There will be a 5% processing fee for use of Visa or Mastercard
- You MUST fill out a card when registering for your bidding number listing your
RESALE NUMBER or you will pay AZ/Tucson sales tax.



I only require 2 things:
1) I ask that everyone just buying arrive between 5:30 & 7:00 to pre-register
to get a bid number & examine specimens that will be offered (& take advantage
to meet “old friends” you only know by e-mail address! and "have a cold one" if
you so choose - or, in Rob's case, a warm one.

2) The VFW has a full bar on site. However, please drink responsibly and have a
designated driver.

It is my intention to retain the open atmosphere which has characterized
my auctions since the beginning.

This year's auction promises to be the best to date!

(If you would like to put an exceptional specimen on consignment, please
contact me at 619 204-4138 in Tucson for a full description of terms and conditions)


Michael Blood
Tucson Ph:619 204-4138