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ALL Students MUST Read (or view) the following 3 sites:

Plagiarism defined & illustrated: HERE

Article: "White Privilege"- click HERE

Science re Man and the Universe (3 min) HERE

Other Important articles all students are srongly encouraged to read:

Writing hints: HERE

Article: "Imagine if the Tea Party was Black" click HERE

Article: IQ / Spanking Correlation - Click

Transpermia proven? (Transpermia is the theory that life on earth started as a
result of commets and meteorites bringing incipiant life forms to the planet Earth
in its early stages of development) Read evidence HERE

Elective Reading: Mexican Chilren's Response To Education In The US: HERE

Outstanding 4 minute video explaining the scientific information
found in meteorites

Article on how a meteorite demonstrates the how some dating is achieved and
where all matter arose (Note, Murchison also contains some 25 amino acids
(protiens); the building blocks of life forms on earth): HERE

Reading these books result in sophistication every college graduate should have HERE

Seeing these movies result in sophistication every college graduate should have HERE


View the human cranium and the facial bones HERE

View Primate photos by the instructor HERE

PaleoPTo enlarge, click on photos
Paleo Pollen Photo

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Stratification, exemplified in The Dakota Hogback.
(Photo by Instructor)

Stratification, exemplified in The Grand Canyon.
(Photo by Instructor)
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K-T Strata at RiescraterMuseum, Nördlingen, Germany

     To enlarge, click on photos
Manicouagan Reservoir                  Arizona Meteor Crater

More on the two above, click HERE

Aorounga crater, pictured above is one of the best
preserved impact craters on Earth, thanks in part to its
location in the Sahara Desert in Chad. The 10 mile-wide
crater is probably around 350 million years old.
The image above was taken by astronauts in the
International Space Station.
Clearwater Lakes in Quebec, Canada were formed by a pair
of asteroid impact craters. The impacts probably occurred
simultaneously around 290 million years ago. The larger
crater measures 22 miles across.

The Lonar crater in Maharashta, India is around 6,000 feet wide and
500 feet deep and contains a saltwater lake. The impact occurred around
50,000 years ago. This image was captured by the Advanced Spaceborne
Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer on NASA’s Terra satellite.

You can see and read more about crators at: http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2009/08/impactcraters/

Did life on earth begin with cometary impact? HERE

To see Solarsystem planetary size comparisons go HERE

Cultural Anthropology Students:

Reuters article excerpt on Aboriginal Weather Knowledge HERE

Tara Humara Women & Children selling basketsin Mexico's Copper Canyon.
To enlarge, click on photo
(all photos {except those of Paleopollin & the instructor, himself} by MLBlood)


Solar System porportions: HERE

BOOKS: Recommended reading list - and why.... HERE

MOVIES:Reccommended films - and why ..... HERE

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