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155 LB / 70 Kg Campo Sale

(NOTE: This weight is a close approximation based on a reliable bathroom scale.
Highly accurate scales for over 100Lbs are hard to come by. This weight can reasonably
be expected to be accurate within 1 or 2% - but not within an oz )

Last year at Tucson there were no Campos available.
The primary importer had sold them all to the Chinese
who were reportedly buying up every iron they could
lay their hands on and simply purchased every Campo
by the crate without even looking at them all - no questions
asked .

Reportedly there were a few specimens at the Denver
Show, but only a few and none were under $180/Kg

($81.80/LB) and that price was only for the very large
specimens, not the ones uder 10 Lbs.

This offering is priced a tad below that and includes a
wooden "lazy susan" base.

Total price: $12,500 + UPS shipping.
(UPS is not bad on heavy items in the US).
I am offering this on behalf of a very well known
and highly respected dealer in the biz well over 20 years. If no one buys it now this is the same price
he will sell it for in Tucson. You will save no $ waiting and are unlikely to be the first one to pounce
on it in Tucson. If you do not have a large Campo, this may be your best, or even only chance.
The rotating stand is a huge bonus.

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