Dear IMCA & any list members:

I deeply apologize to Darryl and the list for the conflict that arose over
the purchase of a lunar, and I wish to set the record straight and clarify my
shortcomings in both this transaction and my subsequent commentary.

There was a problem I created which I made worse, and I wish to make
amends in a sincere desire to be a better person and friend.

I unintentionally misrepresented what the two sides of the specimen looked
like. I had mistakenly told Darryl it was a complete specimen when I did
not have the specimen in hand. I was provided five photos of the specimen from
different perspectives. I chose the two which I thought were most attractive
and discarded the others. I should have included the other images.

I misunderstood Darryl's representation as it regarded the further subdivision of
the specimen since he had mentioned it to me. However, Darryl informs me he
did not indicate he was certain he was going to slice up the specimen, and I
wrongfully used my misunderstanding re further cutting as a justification that
a previously cut specimen should not matter to him.

It was wrong of me to reference Darryl's Visa card being declined. Darryl
was abroad when our transaction occurred, and informed me at the outset his
card was maxed. He used his best efforts to remedy the situation, which
involved multiple transactions and hassles from Visa security. Darryl was
diligent and forthcoming and I should not have created an impression of
anything otherwise.

I unfortunately provided Darryl with good reason to be reluctant to return
the meteorite to me as a result of my having initially stated that Idid not see
how I would be able to pay him back except in small amounts over an extended
period of time. A seed of doubt was planted regarding my ability to provide
a refund by this representation.

When Darryl paid for the specimen I should have held onto the funds until
Darryl's confirmed satisfaction. Had I done so, I would have been able to
provide an immediate refund. This is the primary crux of the matter and an
error I will never repeat.

When I asked Darryl for alternative solutions, a price reduction was among
them. When I inappropriately suggested this was what he wanted to do all
along, Darryl immediately eliminated the"price reduction" option from
consideration and took all other options---other than a complete
refund---off the table.

Prior to any guarantees being made, Darryl sent the meteorite to the
owner who later informed Darryl would receive his money in a couple of
days. When I wrote, "I refunded all three of Darryl’s payments IN FULL,"
I should have mentioned it took the better part of two months for this to finalize.

In sum, I made a number of mistakes. I was defensive instead of rational and
empathetic. Again, I sincerely apologize to Darryl, as well as the IMCA (and any
list members who had read my previous statement) for having taken up so much
of their time with this matter. Darryl and I go way back and I want him to know
my deep sense of regret and my hope that he'll accept my heartfelt apology and
will allow me to buy him a beer in Tucson.

I earnestly want to do a better job at all that I do, and I will most
certainly not repeat these mistakes. Thank you for your consideration and

Sincerely, Michael Blood