Michael Blood Meteorites

Hammers Pg. 3
Meteorites that nailed something!
(Anything man made, animals or humans)
New Orleans Sept. 23,2003

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Meteorites for sale that bashed cars, crunched
mailboxes, smashed houses, killed animals and
mauled humans. This is the real rogues gallery
of the meteorite world.

1). "Hammer" - any individual which is part of a hammer fall in which one or more of the
individuals struck an artifact, animal or human.
2)"Hammer Stone(s)" - the specific individual(s) that struck the artifact, animal or human.
3) NOTE: Collectors obviously value a "Hammer Stone" more than other individuals in a
hammer fall. However, in the case of many hammers, the specific "hammer stone(s) is/are
not available.
Examples inlude, but are not limited to: Chiang-Khan in which many stones "rained down"
on a fisherman'sboat. (one of only 2 hammers known to hit a boat). The fisherman considered
the black rocks "evil" and threw them ALL into the river! Still, many of us"hammer heads"
value having an individual or part of an individual from thatfall. Another example is Barwell,
which included an individual that came through an apartment window, bounced off the floor
and landed in a lady's tea cup! Of course the individual "hammer stone" involved is not available
(I haven't even been able to trace whom was the specific lady), nor is the small Mbale stone that
struck the boy known - but we do enjoy having representatives of these falls. ON the other hand,
many hammers consist of a single stone, so, everyone that collects said hammer falls has a piece
of THE hammer stone. Examples include but are in no way limited to Peekskill and Claxton (two
of the more famous hammers ever).
I have always felt it was clear on these pages when specific hammer stones were offered (see Park
Forest) and assumed that everyone realized that other stones offered, while hammers, were not,
specific "hammer stones." The story of Chiang-Khan, Holbrook and many others, I thought, made
that point quite clear.
Some people may value only Hammers from which they can get the or a piece of the
actual hammer stone(s). That is fine. Most of us hammer heads, however, will collect
what is available from any hammer fall, though, of course, hammer stones, themselves,
will be most valued.


If it is listed as available, it is available unless it sold less
than 24 hrs ago.


About 7 years ago I stumbled upon a page in the web site of Walter Branch. The page
was a listing of all meteorites reported to have struck something when they fell to
earth - some man made object, animal, or even a human being (such as the case of
I immediately found myself entranced with the idea of collecting as many of these
extraordinary falls as possible. I had already been collecting meteorites for many years,
but this "new" realm had an entrancing effect on me like none other before, with the
possible exception of the obsession I developed to collect every non-Antarctic SNC
when there were only 6 of them known at the time (though only 4 had ever been
available when I started).

I foud most material in this category to be very expensive. On the other hand, there
have been a few exceptional examples that were surprisingly affordable - especially
given what they had struck and/or how old the fall was. Kunashak comes immediately
to mind - a spectacular fall, well documented with photographs from 1949. This
spectacular meteorite can still be had for as low as 7.50/g, though some ask as high as
$20.g, it is, even then, a great deal. Another is New Concord, which killed a young
horse in 1860 and can still be had in the low two digit range. Then, of course, is
Valera, a highly documented cow killer which is still hovering around $10/g!
Spectacular buys, all.

In stark contrast, one can watch and wait for years and never find Sylacauga at any price.
It cost me $10,000 in trade to get my very modest piece - but of all my specimens, it is
one of the ones that pleases me most.

In summation, though the list is relatively short (well under 150 falls) "hammers"
(meteorites that "nailed" something) are as rewarding and interesting to collect as any
meteoritic category could possibly be - with exceptional variety, costs from the
inexpensive to the very expensive and including the most common varieties from the
H5s & L6s to the most exotic HH, with Cos, EL s and even the highly debated Martian
(Long live the Nakhla dog!).  

Five years ago I set out to build a stock of hammers that would provide collectors with
at least 20 different falls competitively priced so they would not have as far to go just
getting started as I did. I waited many years for falls as rare as Hamlet, Pillistfer,
Richardton and many others. In addition, I have added - very cautiously - to the original
list which had inspired me, with falls such as Allende, Mbale, La Criolla, one of the
Plainview stones and many onthers which have fallen in the 21st century.

It is my hope that visitors to this site will be both entertained and inspired to take up this
"new" area of collecting as have I and several others. Most prices are based on my own
cost of replacement, IF they can be replaced as well. As you can see, I have added many, many
hammers since this page originally opened. To the best of my knowledge only a few dealers
offer more than
2 or 3 hammers. None come anywhere close to the dozens of hammers available
Happy Hunting! Michael


Besides Walter Branch, there are many who have contributed to my ability to put this site togeather.
While I am sure I will be overlooking some, I would like to thank Paul Harris, Bob Walker, Martin
Horejsi, E.T., Mike Farmer, Dirk Ross, Matt Morgan, Blaine Reed, the real Steve Arnold, Adam
Hupe, Eric Twelker, Rob Wesel, Eric Olson, Mark Bostick, Geoff Notkin, Jerry Armstrong, my
mother and The Acadamy.

NOTE: In deference to Walter Branch, all hammers are listed in chronological order according
to date of fall. Thanks, Walter, for all the work and inspiration!

DATE ............             FALL NAME                 LOCATION    .......... OBJECT STRUCK       

July 21, 2002   Thuathe (H4/5) near Masera, Lesotho, Africa - HouseClick on photo to enlarge image
Michael Farmer next to Thuathe Houses


Explosions were heard & felt over most of the country of Lesotho and part of south Africa.
The day was 80% clouded and most people were unable to see the fireball, but some
saw the flash and smoke trail through breaks in the clouds. Scientists from the National
university in Roma heard the fall as it passed overhead. When the local police report was
issued for the month, in it was a story titled "Star falls on Thuathe". It was police reports
about people complaining that someone had thrown stones at them from out of the sky!
The report led the scientists to the villages where the stones fell and immediately started
buying and finding stones.
Most specimens are close to 100% fusion crusted, all are fresh and are priced between
$6 & $8/g depending upon %of fusion crust and overall attractiveness. (Note, these are
specimens from the fall, not part of the hammer stone which is whole and in tact - below)

6.09g = $36- (@10% primary FC, 50% 2ndary FC and 50% no crust)
7.54g = 50- (@ 50% FC) SOLD
15.77g =$125- (@95%FC)
17.59g = $140- (@99%FC)
See Photo HERE

Click on photo to enlarge
94.33g THE Hammer Stone found on a roof & mentioned in the original report
on the Thuathe Fall establishing Thuathe as a hammer fall
(Piece # 197,
Ambrose catalog).
Since the homes in Thuathe have straw-like (mealie) thatched roofs, this
hammer stone is whole, covered with 100% rich, black Fusion Crust=$15,000-


March 26, 2003    Park Forest  Il.       SEVERAL HOUSES, FIRE STATION,

 Barnes House (photo by Rob Wesel)vfFire Plug Photo by Matt Morgan
Garza Stone (Photo by Hupes)...
The Garza Stone SOLD and now resides in a private collection.

Fire Station...........................Jones House.................Winslow St. House ......................Fire Plug
1997 PlymouthTow Truck
(Click on photos to enlarge)
"The fall of the Park Forest meteorite is an event worthy of a major place in meteorite history
even if the time necessary for it to become historically important has not yet passed."

Martin Horejsi, METEORITE-TIMES MAGAZINE, June, 2003.
Gracing the cover of METEORITE MAGAZINE, Park Forest hit the meteorite collecting
world as dramatically as it hit the community of Park Forest, itself. This one fall produced
more hammers than any other fall of which I am aware. The fact that any of the PF material
is still available for two digits per gram is a mystery. While most of the actual hammer
individuals have been gobbled up by collectors, I have been gathering as much as possible
and have fragments of several of these specific hammers for the discerning collector.
SEE HERE: http://www.meteorite-times.com/Back_Links/2003/June/Accretion_Desk.htm

See video of this fall HERE


SPECIFIC HAMMER STONE LISTED - None are simply part of the Park Forest Fall

Winslow Street House:
.825g = $100- SOLD SOLD Click on photos to enlarge
2.745g = $225-
4.543g = $375-

The Garza Stone struck the Garza house with such furocity it
immediately became THE house hitter of note from the Park
Forest fall.
("Kits" with a very, very small frag used to be available for $89) Below are
some much larger frags:

Frag 1 = $50-
Frag 2 = $100- with FC
Frag 3 = $150-
Photos of all 3 can be seen HERE

Fence Buster: Smashed into and broke through a fence. Two specimens, part
of the fence is included with each specimen (these are all that is left of this one)
1.368g = $195- SOLD
1.555g = $ SOLD See Photo of bothHERE
Baseball Bleachers Buster:
Lg frags = $125- each
Sm frags = $75- each  See Photo of all HERE                             

1997 Plymouth: Rumored to have been struck by 2 stones, it was actually one that bounced around,
resulting in 2 holes in the back window - one through which it entered & one
caused by the bouncing about.
The stone went to a museum, only about 3/4 of a gram was
recovered among the broken glass. Therefore, none is available - except these two frags.

Small frag with section of window glass = 125- See Photo HERE SOLD
Small frag with section of window glass = $125- See Photo HERE

Tow Truck:
Struck during the fall. Scarce as hens' teeth!
One .607g frag only - Ultra choice with Fusion Crust = 225- SOLD


Sept 23, 2003   Kendrapara   (Orissa) (H4-5) India   HOMES

Over 20 people reported injured  & many homes "destroyed" & fires resulted. Bhubaneswar, India: Geologists travelled yesterday to India's eastern coast to hunt for the debris of a meteorite that crashed to earth, injuring 11 people and
leading to an elderly man's death, officials said. Sukdev Singh, a 70-year-old man panicked by the meteorite, died in hospital on Sunday from a heart attack. Eight others also received treatment for temporary blindness or for losing consciousness after seeing the spectacle.
The massive ball of fire panicked hundreds in Orissa, home to India's main missile testing range. The debris fell on two houses in Mayurbhanj, slightly injuring three people, said a district official. - Sapa-AFP
"Hundreds of people fled their homes when a meteor struck their village in eastern India, injuring three people and destroying two houses, a state minister said yesterday.
The fireball hit the village of Sudusudia in Orissa state on Saturday evening, said BB Harichandan, the state revenue minister. 'One person has sustained burn injuries and
two houses have been burned down. The injured has been hospitalised,' the minister said ... 'The light was so bright that for a few seconds it appeared to be daylight,' said Sanatan Sahu, a villager." BHUBANESWAR, India -- Two people have been injured and several homes badly damaged by a suspected meteorite crashing into a village in eastern India, reports said Sunday. The report said other parts of the suspected meteorite may have crashed into another village, also setting at least one thatched house ablaze.

For some reason, this material is nearly impossible to get. Offered below are three part slices at different prices based on weight and amount of fusion crust: (Now only one piece left)
.818g Side 1, FC, side 2, face, 1 edge broken = $150- SOLD
1.490g Very nice part slice with FC edge = 200- SOLD
1.530g Another nice part slice with FC edge = $200- SOLD
4.517g Large, irregular part slice. No FC = $675- See HERE


Sept 23,2003             New Orleans   (H5) HOUSE                         
Photo by Jeff Strout
(Click on photo to enlarge image)
A single stone of 19.25Kg smashed through a house going through the ceiling and floor all the way to the dirt beneath the house. This material was periodically available on eBay and always brought more than $40 a gram, however, no further ebay offerings will be made unless unwarry collectors offer some some of their material, almost all of which was sub-gram sized fragments. Very little material was ever made available to collectors and now it is feared the main mass may have been lost in Hurricane Katrina. 

"Roy and Kay Fausset, owners of a New Orleans gift shop, have been learning since they came home from work on Sept. 23, opened the front door and were confronted by what insurers would regard as "an act of God." Dust, debris, sheetrock and crown molding littered the foyer of their tree-shaded house.
Doors to the powder room and laundry room had been blown open. Upstairs, an antique desk in their daughter's bedroom had been destroyed, as had a wicker desk chair. Incredulous, Roy Fausset wondered whether a water pipe had burst -- but there was no apparent water damage. Then, seeing basketball-size holes in the roof and floors, and tree branches strewn atop the house, he thought: Maybe an airplane dropped something?
The police came, and quickly applied their talent at deduction. Looks like a meteorite, they said. Scrounging downstairs and beneath the house, the Faussets and police found hunks of a grayish, friable rock, including a couple of pieces larger than a hand. The rock might have resembled paving stone, except it was exceptionally dense and heavy, and some pieces bore a thin, dark rind known as a fusion crust, a souvenir of the meteorite's fiery, 40,000 mph arrival in Earth's atmosphere."

Washington Post, Oct. 12,2003

I am offering the three pieces I have aquired since the fall at $150/g, but if the main mass is confirmed lost, the price will immediately double or more. ( this price could prove to be high or could prove to be foolishly low).
0.72g = SOLD
1.26g = $190- See Photo
1.36g = $205- See Photo
1.45g = SOLD
11.385g = 1,700- See Photo
16.366g = $2,450-
July 14th, 2006   MOSS  (CO3.5) Moss,Ostfold, Norway.    BUILDING ROOF,
Plumb Tree StruckOuthouse & Corrugated Panel struck
(Roof hole photo by Rob Elliott)
(Click on photos to enlarge images)
This meteorite fell at ~10:15 am in the Ostfold region of Norway along a 6 kilometer Line. The fall was witnessed by thousands of people, who described it as brighter than the sun, and many said they saw at least five pieces falling. One piece landed after breaking off 3 limbs of a plumb tree. Another piece struck a metal panel 6 feet from a man in his outhouse. A third stone imbedded itself in the roof of a building in Moss, itself and was found only
after more than two weeks when rain water was leaking into the building. A fourth piece weighing ~800 grams was found by Morten Bilet and Mike Farmer having shattered after striking a parking lot. The last know specimen was found after breaking a fence. This is the only multiple stone witnessed fall which I have researched in which each stone was, itself, a hammer. (Technically, parking lots are "man made objects" - though I, personally, do not usually "count" streets or parking lots as qualifiers, I make an exception here, as this one makes every recovered specimen a hammer - a plumb tree, on the other hand, is a product of human cultivation and domestication and I would count that, even if it were the ONLY "man made" item struck in a given fall)
.358g Thin Part Slice = $70-
.452g Thin Part Slice = $90-
.502g Thin Part Slice = $100- See Photos of all 3 HERE


July 6th, 2007 CALI (H/L4) Columbia TKW: 478g
Click on photos to enlarge
Painting of Cali Fall by Jerry Armstrong

...Cali 001............Cali 001..............Cali 002.........Cali 003.........Cali 004..........Cali 006..........Cali 007
All 7 recovered stones crashed through the roofs of houses at 4:30 PM in Cali, Columbia.
Mike Farmer and Robert Ward jumped on a jet and sped down to get the goodies. Robert
and Bob each got a stone for their own collections, Mike got the rest. For this hammer,
Mike Farmer risked his life. His statements to the media regarding
his search for Cali stones produced two very undesirable Consequences:1) the local bandidos,
who make a very good living
kidnapping people with financial backing became
immediately aware there was a wealthy Gringo in
their midst worth well worth their kidnapping.
At one point his taxi was blocked by an armed
bandido with an automatic and he was lucky enough
to be with a taxi driver who sped up directly toward
the bandido, resulting in narrowly escaping with his life.
In addition, the media refused to have more to do with him.
When he pointed out he wasn't afraid, t hey informed him
THEY were afraid for themselves. This made his entire trip
a life threatening experience and contributed greatly to
the historical significance of the Cali Meteorite.2)
Instead of being able to purchase the recovered house
hitters for a rate reasonable, but still very profitable for
the house owners (ie the gram for gram exchange at the
rate of the value of gold) he ended up instead having to
fork over money that varied between the price of a new
house or a new American car (the latter being more
expensive in that part of the world). As a result, most
collectors have refused to pay the cost of the recovered
broken pieces (which are now all that remain of the fall),
though he replaced his expenses and paid for his personal
collection piece by selling all the other whole stones to
wealthier individual collectors. A total of 10 stones were
recovered - 7 hit roofs, 3 were found in the streets.451g
total, and every gram is in a private or indsitutional collection
More can be read in Mike Farmer's own words

Large Frag = 75-Small Frags = 49.50 ea ALL SOLD

36mg = 145- SOLD

.663g = 1,590- SOLD

I will sell one and only one of the last 2 I have (Below):

1.7144g = $3,325- Click on Photo to Enlarge

Cali 001: 3.8766g = $15,000 - SEE HERE c1 Click on Photo to Enlarge


September 15, 2007 Carancas (H4-5) Peru Struck a HOUSE, killed a EWE & a LLAMA
Photos by Mike Farmer  

(NOW THE OFFICIAL NAME)   This is a fresh fall with no weathering, currently under study at NASA, and the U. of A.The first recorded fall in Peru, the first impact pit known to have resulted from an stone meteorite, the first impact to cause underground spring water to boil, this fall was witnessed by hundreds of people, struck and penetrated a roof, killed a sheep and llama belonging to Justina Limache. It knocked down Don Gregorio Iruri was standing 300 meters from the impact. Everyone in the area reported a very bad odor and many people became sick after smelling it, but both the odor and the symptoms abated in only a few hours. (Murchison is one of the only other meteorites with an odor associated - it contained some 25 protein enzymes). Rare shock veins are found throughout the material. It recorded a 1.5 tremor on the seismic scale - the first meteorite to have a seismic impact recorded. The local health center 1 kilometer (2/3 mi) away from the impact reported their windows were shattered by the blast. It is reportedly the highest elevation at which a meteorite has ever been recovered. Unfortunately, little of the material was recovered as any material in the crater has likely been eroding this friable meteorite and by now is lost to the world of science, since the pit has been used to urinate in, making it not only under water - but under sewer water.ADDENDUM : While it was early reported that " a sheep and llama belonging to Justina Limache" were killed by the Carancas fall, my friend Kevin Kichinka tells me that he has a friend who spoke to the father of this woman and was told this is not true. This is fourth hand information (the woman who said her livestock were killed, that woman's father, the friend of Kevin and then, Kevin, himself. On the other hand, Carl Esparza wrote me uppon reading this, "Michael, we not only documented the interview with the land owner [Justina Limache] but we actually saw the dead remains [of the sheep & llama]. Unfortunately, At the time our crew did not think it was important enough to photograph [the dead livestock]. (this "daughter" is the land owner and is over 74-years old). The dead remains were also filmed and were in an official news report that was televised early on.

Kevin has never been there. We have been there four times now and will somehow further document this but, everyone accepts this as fact.." It should be noted the father of someone 74 years old would be VERY old, indeed.
In a direct quote from a Puruvian newspaper: (translated by computer) "Senora Semiana told us of her ewe [female sheep] who was
pregnant: after the explosion, that is, on the following day, she
found the ewe dead. She cut open the sheep, and its gallbladder
had burst. The meat seemed normal, and had no burnt odor.They were told by their neighbor of one of his llamas which had
been killed by the flame of the explosion in the ground, which
had cast boiling mud on the head of the animal, and the animal
fell down dead."
In a personal communication from Sterling K. Webb:The llama hit by debris could have been at any distance
within range of flying debris; it wasn't a shock measurement.
Based on all the other indicators of the force involved, the
ewe would have to have been within 80-100 meters, or so
I thought, but I got an off-list from "Mr. E-Man" who told
me the Army used to use goats and sheep in explosion tests
until they discovered that they are more easily damaged by
shock than almost any other mammal, so they had to switch
to more expensive critters to evaluate weapons!"Inerview with SEMIANA TICONA PARI, 67 year old local: Q. How did you feel? (Right after the fall)A. We were very scared; we were walking like a drunken person. Entr. What were you doing?   I was walking there, spinning wool, and the impact knocked me down twice. Q. Where were you? A. I was there, behind to the house. Q. What happened with the animals? A. Scared, one ewe is dead. I lost a pregnant ewe, the other look sick too. Q. And what about the other animals?A. The llamas were thrown by the blast to the end of their tie (leash), I was starting to recuperate but I still felt like a drunken person. Q. Another man said that no animals were hurt A. Maybe he didn´t see all the llamas were knocked down.
It should also be noted that the house over 100 meters from the impact pit was struck by a large dirt concretion and that fragments of the meteorite were found in the immediate area of this house by Mike Farmer, though no fragments have been reported found at that distance elsewhere. (see photo of this house above) It is, therefore, almost certain that fragments of the meteorite - either within the dirt concretion or separate from same did, indeed, strike this house. So, any way you cut it, this is a hammer.
Type I: House Hitters - These were picked up around the house damaged in the photo above. This is ALL there are - when these are gone, that's it.
.869g = 87- SOLD
.570g = SOLD
.436g = 44-SOLD
.356g = 36-SOLD
.227g = 23-SOLD
.187g = 20- SOLD
lick on photo to see LARGE photo Type II: Misc. pieces: These were gathered on day 4 before any rain. Perfect. Each comes in a membrane box with label on side with full information
- .505g = $55- See HERE - SOLD
.700g= $70- See HERE SOLD
.718g = $72- See HERESOLD
.734g = $75- See HERE
.979g = $100- See HERE SOLD
.991g = $100- See HERE SOLD

.55g = $125 Specimen with Fusion Crust recovered by Bob Haag SOLD

2.870g = $285 Impressive Slick'nSlide or Fusion Crust See Here

3.919g = $400 Outstanding Slick'nSlide - "The Zebra" See Here

4.536g = $450 about 15% Rich, Black Fusion Crust See Here

April 6, 2008 Berduc (veined Chon.)  Entre Rios, Argentina HOMES, STORE, WATER TOWER

Photos by Mike Farmer                                                     Click on photos to enlarge

The Forbidden Meteorite

According to eyewitnesses interviewed and from news reports, the fireball was very large, and one eyewitness, a waiter at a restaurant in Colon, Argentina, said that when the last explosion occurred, he saw "thousands" of burning pieces falling from the sky like fireworks. People all over central Entre-Rios state felt the ground shake, and said that the booms were so strong, they thought that their homes would collapse. In the tiny village of Berduc stones struck the greenhouses, rooftops of homes, a water tower and a store.

New repressive laws claiming meteorites are "cultural heiratage" prevent any Argentina
meteorites from being removed from Argentina, thus leading to the name: "The Forbidden  Meteorite."

Ironic, as meteorites are neither "cultural" nor are they a nations "heiratage!"
Still, these repressive laws prevent the free sale of this meteorite.

CONTACT ME DIRECTLY re this hammer fall. 

April 12, 2008  Zunhua   Zunhua City, Hebei province, China THROUGH HOME ROOF

.    . 
                                                                                            Click on photos to enlarge

At 4:50 pm, a bright fireball was appeared near Zunhua city, in Hebei province. A single stone of about 4 Kg crashed through the roof of a farmhouse near the Royal tombs of the Qing Dynasty. The stone penetrated the clay tile rooftop, then crashed through a ceiling of plastered bamboo. The stone shattered upon hitting a stone floor and covering the room with fragments, damaging a window, a mirror, and a wooden bed frame.

The terrified homeowner, a woman, was in another room when this happened. She ran to the room and saw stone pieces resembling cement all over the room which was filled with dust in the air. She called the police, who were already getting reports of the falling ball of fire over the city. They came, took many pieces and contacted government scientists, who came and took nearly all of the meteorite pieces, and informed the woman to protect the roof damage. She kept some of the fragments back and sold some to a few people who came to see the damage.

This story dominated Chinese news on both TV and in print. No other specimens have been reported. Only 62 grams of fragments of the meteorite were made available to private collectors. With such scarcity, the entire lot of 62 grams sold out in two or three days - at $200
per gram. I got one specimen for my personal collection. However, my brother has been in
China the last 2 years and built many connections. I have been able to get a limited amount
before the prices in China went sky high.

.273g = $55-
.353g = $75-
.621g= $125-
Click on photo to enlarge

Lg frag = $35- Click on photos to enlarge

.463g = $92-

.693g = $175- SOLD

1.714g = $340-SOLD
Click on photos to enlarge

.308g = SOLD

.429g= SOLD

1.343g - THINLY Sliced = 265-

2.539g = 445-Click on photos to enlarge

2.682g = 470-

SOLD - 3.891g SOLD SOLD (HUGE chondrule at the top of the part slice) = 680-SOLD SOLD

4.028g = 800- SOLD

4.625g= 925 SOLD

5.971g = 1,045- Click on photos to enlarge

10.475g Spectacular, fresh Frag with almost pure white interior and a rich, BLACK Fusion
           Crusted side= $2,000-

11.660g - 2.5mm thin - about as thin as this material can be SOLD
cut for this sized specimen. A spectacular slice = $2,300- 

Nov. 20, 2008 Buzzard Coulee Saskatchewan/Alberta, Canada Struck a Shed
Pm November 20, 1008 a meteortes fell on the border betwen Seskatchewan and Alberta provences
in Canada. Omong the many small stones recovered was a stone that struck a large shed the size of a
garage. The owner of said shed gave the stone to his mother and, therefore, it will almost certainly
never be available to the collecting public or instututional museums.

Buzzard Coulee stones are magnificent rich, dark black fusion crusted specimens that REQUIRE an
export permit for each and every specimen. This charmer has commanded a $35 to $40 per gram
price. However, I do have some excellent specimens being permitted even now and which will be
available in the near future - each with a copy of the export permit - at competitive prices.


.708g PERFECT oriented specimen = $50- SOLD

1.389g Superb dome and lipping = $95- Click on photos to enlarge

1.464g Nearly perfectly round dome

with superb lipping and melted back = -SOLD Click on photos to enlarge

1.495g Super Oriented = $135- SOLD

1.985g whole stone -

another superb oriented specimen = SOLD,mn

2.354g Beautiful elongated Oriented = $175- SOLD


LARGE SPECIMENS / 99% Fusion Crusted:

11.078g 99% FC = $440- Click on photos to enlarge

18.787g 99% FC = $750-

Feb 15, 2009
Ash Creek (AKA: "West") Struck a House, a Barn, a Graveyard, & a Dam
................................................Ashe Creek House....................................................Ash Creek House Hitter

...........................House tile showing point of impact on roof

Grave Stone as found:

See Video of Fireball below

When the meteorite fell, a man sitting at his kitchen table heard something
strike his roof. He thought it was a small tree limb. However, when he went
out to his car, there was a black stone in the road, which upon closer
examination was engrained with shingle grit from his roof. He later found
the damaged shingle on the roof and had to replace it (See Above).

In another instance,
a farmer was working near his barn and saw the
explosion and fireball in the sky. He said that a few seconds later, stones
started falling out of the sky, and he ran into the metal barn to escape the
falling rocks. He heard a stone hitting the metal roof. A minute later, he
went out and picked up a black burned rock that had battered his barn.
He then saw a stone hit the ground near him and thought his girlfriend
had thrown it, teasing him, but she was not around - this being an extremely
rare case of actually seeng a meteorite strike the ground. (He later sold the
Barn Hammer Stone and the one that hit the dirt by him in a sort of auction
with the result being a sale for $4,600 to the owern of a local car dealership
who had outbid several collectors and dealers. The total weight of the two
stones togeater was aproximately 53 grams.

This fall was recorded on videotape and made the nightly news.
During searches of the area two stones were found in a graveyard and one in a
embedded in a dam.

Fragment with Fusion Crust = $50-Click on photos to Enlarge

End piece with wicked spiderwebbing & rich Fusion Crust and smoothe face = $175- SOLD

14.25g Whole Stone 98% F.C. = $750- Click on photos to enlarge

Grave Hammer Stone: These piece are from one of the hammers that landed in a grave yard

Large Fragment of Grave Hammer Stone with Fusion Crust = $150- Click on photos to enlarge

1.558g back slice = $375- SOLD

House Hammer Stone 1.2mm thinly sliced with black Fusion Crusted edges.
These show the profound veined matrix with some large metal bleebs. (each comes with copy of signed
& notarezed COA) The photos speak for themselves:

Full Slices = $200/g

Part Slices over 1g = $250/g
Part Slices under 1g = $300/g

.608g Part Slice with 60% Fusion Crusted edge =$180-SOLD

1.180g Part Slice with Fusion Crust on small edge =$295-Click on photos to enlarge

1.255g Part Slice with Fusion Crust on 2 edges = $325- Click on photos to enlarge

2.496g Half Slice with Fusion Crusted natural edge =$625-

2.826g Part Slice with 60% Fusion Crusted edge =$700-SOLD Click on photos to enlarge

3.430g Half Slice with Fusion Crusted on natural edge =$850-

The following full slices were dry cut with a wire saw 1.2mm thick.
The material is HARD and the lines are the spieder lines one sees in Park Forest, not cracks.
Those wicha have them have metal Bleebs are very large and imprssive.
Rich, black fusion crust sorrounds each full slice.
Each full slice will be shipped in a hansome and protective 100mm X 100mm X 16mm membrane display case.
Each is properly labeled and will include a copy of the signed and notorized Certificate Of Authenticity.

6.508g Full Slice with 100%
Fusion Crusted edge =$1,300-
Click on photos to enlarge

6.683g Full Slice with 99.5%
Fusion Crusted edge (note metal bleebs) =$1,335-Click on photos to enlarge

ONLY ONE END PIECE: (The other is in my personal collection)
1 6.204g End Piece Fully Fusion Crusted & with full sized notorized
Certificate Of Authenticity
Cost = $3,500-
With Damage Roof Tile (Picture Above) = $5,000-
Cut Side

April 14, 2010 Wisconsin (Just assigned: Mifflin) Hit House, Barn & Water Hose
..... .

PHOTOS L TO R: Bill Kieskowski with 38g whole stone he recovered .......... Steve Arnold 176g&Rob "Nakhla Dog" Wesel 219g Photo: Rob Wesel..JoeKerchner in front of "WATCH FOR FALLING ROCKS" signe
.Sonny Clary's dog, Brix recovered this 198g stone. .....................................Michael Cottingham holding the Barn Hammer stone with barn in back......Wisconsin rural scene by Jack Kecrchner.. All Photos by people in them.

This was a highly filmed bolide over Southern Wisconsin (see links below. However, while two of the Hammer Stones are unavailable
at any price - I was able to trade a small fortune for the Hammer Stone that struck the barn of George Bailey. Another big story
associated with this fall is that
Sonny Clary has trained his dog, Brix to find newly fallen meteorites! Brix found his first one in this fall.
Good Dog, Brix!

I have thinly sliced specimens (a beautiful matrix that looks like a breccia melt) and the whole stone hammer that struck the Bailey

This material started out selling for over $100/g but a severe shortage of specimens combined with the numbers of miles
walked to find an individual has resulted in the majority of finders keeping their specimens while demand for same is high.
Unfortunately this assures price continues to rise as the material is so limited.

See Videos Below:

http://www.cnn.com/2010/TECH/04/15/midwest.fireball/index.html multiple views of several different shots 1min,45sec

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yb7HuGoFGgI&feature=related 55sec

.51g Very thin Slice = $125- Cannot currently find this Specimen

.77g Very thin slice with fusion crusted edge = $190- Cannot currently find this Specimen

.84g Very thin slice with fusion crusted edge = $210- Cannot currently find this Specimen

2.004g Thin Slice with some FC edge = $400- Cannot currently find this Specimen

51 gram Bailey Barn Hammer Stone: Click on photos to enlarge
$17,500- or best offer

April 30, 2011 SOLTMANY (L6) (postoffice Kruklanki, Poland). TKW: 1,066g Through a Roof
. .
. smy
........Roof.......................Roof from under the eve....Oriented single Soltmany stone................Angle of fall

State Wadi & Woreczko (Who took the above photos):
" The meteorite fell on 30 April 2011 at 6 a.m. in Soltmany village, near the
town of Gizycko. The 1,066g stone hit the roof of a building and was
discovered broken into a few pieces. This information about the fall
comes from a Mr. Roman who called Andrzej Pilski from Frombork
Astronomical Observatory. Andrzej Pilski immediately asked Woreczko
and Wadi to go to the fall location, take photos, and ask eyewitnesses
for reports, as well as to see the stone and obtain a sample for
The classification will be done by professor T. Przylibski from the
Wroclaw University of Technology. Frombork Observatory wants to buy
meteorite for their museum."
It seems unlikely collectors will have an opportunity to own ANY of this material.

RIGHT = $125-


April 22, 2012 Sutter's Mill (CM chondrite regolith breccia). Struck a Garage
. Click on photos to enlarge
Officer Susie Matin & Greg Hupe hold the hammer stone pictured in situ on the right (Photos property of Greg Hupe)

The meteorite world was soon all atwitter shortly after the fall of April 22, 2012 ~7:50 am when a giant fireball exploded over Coloma and Lotus towns & the famous Sutter’s Mill area of El Dorado County, California. Total known weight remains under 400 grams recovered to date with exceptionally little likelihood of many other recoveries due to the wild nature of the area combined with so many meteorite hunters one media source described the entire area as being invaded by, “meteorite zombies” (as they appear to wander about aimlessly, with heads down silently looking at the ground).

The explosion is estimated to have resulted in over 4 KILOTONS of the fragile meteorite into the atmospheric powder. California's 3rd witnessed fall fell over the most famous place in California: Sutter's Mill, the very site where, in 1848 gold was discovered and starting the gold rush to California (later these prospectors were referred to as, "The 49ers" - after which San Francisco's NFL team is named. This gold rush resulted in near - instant statehood and which spelled the final death knell for the most of the remaining California Native Americans.

This material - M chondrite (possibly ungrouped) is so rare and there were so many hunters looking for so few in this fall that have been found that many hunters were paying $1,000 per gram to some of the locals that had found specimens and in at least one case, $2,000/g! – those prices were paid at as close as one can get to “wholesale” in the Meteorite Market these days, and those that paid $1,000/g may immediately realize a significant profit – and even those that paid $2,000/g will likely appreciate significant gains in the longer runs, as most of this meteorite is already in private collections and in institutions.

With less than 400g found, it is estimated that less than 50 grams will be sold to private collectors. (Many finders only found one specimen and will be loathe to part with it. As in any supply/demand situation the result will be higher and higher prices. 50 grams is not a lot to go around.

On top of that there are a few collectors that specialize only in the M chondrites and every one of them will “have to have a piece;” combine that with something in the neighborhood of 3000 or more private collectors, many of whom will want some of this and 50 grams is not much to go around and demand will be exceptionally high comperable to the extrevely limited supply.

One of the stones - a 11.5 gram stone struck the house of Park Officer Suzie Matin and was fragmented. The largest fragment of which she found while talking to Greg Hupe and Mike Farmer who immediately purchased the material from the same officer they had just witnessed finding the fragment. The broken (stone #SM14) they then broke into smaller collector sized specimens numbering 28, nearly all of which sold out within hours of being offered – so they broke up the remaining piece and sold those off, as well.

In addition to being a hammer fall with a recovery of fragments of the actual hammer stone, this fall is extremely significant given its status as an M chondrite. It is very similar in appearance to Murchison. What a delightful gift from the heavens – and a real Meteorite Market stretcher this one will be.

(See the BBC video at the link below:)


.0342g = $250- Click on photos to enlarge

.0608g = $350- SOLD

May 22, 2012 Katol India, Struck Houses and pierced Roof of Shed

. .
Click on photos to enlarge
.....Villiage of Katol, India .......Shed Roof with hole from Hammer Stone.....Girl holding hammer stone in front of the home it struck

There was a meteorite showerfel in Katol Villiage, near Nagpur, India about 2.31 pm. The event was first recorded at the
Broadband Seismic Observatory (BBS) of the Geological Survey of India as one that had created a flutter of 2.1 magnitude.
It seemed to be a small tremor. The location is 30 kms East North East of Akola town. The newspapers reported this information,
but many people reported seeing flying objects falling from the sky like balls of fire at this time. Nothing was confirmed until
a local reporter with daily Tarun Bharat who was near Akola (250 kms away west of Nagpur), saw a similar fireball and detoured
from the main road to follow the object falling on the ground.
On 23/05/2012 the people of Katol town (70 kms north of Nagpur) reported that they have recovered such objects that fell in
the town and adjoining areas. But an amazing incident happened when one meteorite weighing less than 100 gms pierced
through a GI sheet (pictures above) and created a crater on the cement floor of a shed where fodder was kept. Another one
pierced 10 cms of the ground surface and was dug out with a crowbar.

To date I have none of this material available and getting part of the Hammer Stone, itself, seems unlikely.....

#1=$75- Click on photos to enlarge

#2=$100- Click on photos to enlarge

#3=$100- Click on photos to enlarge
.498g=$250- Click on photos to enlarge

August 31, 2012 Honduras Stone through house roof

If and when I can get some of this it will be posted here....

February 15, 2013 Chelyabinsk LL5, S4 Russia. 100,000 Ton Stone shock wave injuring 1,500+ 48 Hospitalized
Click on photos to enlarge

Photos by Marat Akhmetaleyev..................................Reuters Photo.........................................Impact Hole in ice covered Lake
Click on photos to enlarge
. .
First Fragments recovered.....in scientific lab.....................Photo over city......................................Photo off country road

Click on photos to enlarge
Like the Carancus fall, injuries were caused by the impact shock wave (In Carancus, Peru a ewe and a llama
were killed by the impact wave). This event has caused $33 million (at least) in damages and injured over
1,500 people, with 48 of them in the hospital.

This is the most powerful impact since the Tunguska event of 1908 (Zero recovered metoerites from that impact). However,
Unlike Tunguska which was VERY isolated (It took YEARS for scientists to reach the site) this fall was over a city, hence
the extensive damage. Luckily, the "main mass" seems to have landed in an ice covered lake an hour's drive away, but all
the recovered material appears to be coming from the city, itself and the vast majority of specimens are under 5g with very
few over 10g - I have seen a photo of only ONE over 100g.

NOTE: Specimens are currently offered on eBay. The "Buy It Now" price ranges from $79/g to $100/g for small,
(Under 5g) whole stones with 95%+ FC and most require weeks to arrive.

Videos available HERE

I have a few perfect 100% FC covered whole specimens (more on the oriented ones): Click on photos to enlarge

oiu .................... uiio ....... iopp ................. poi
1CH SOLD- ................2ORIENTED 0.595g=60- ............. -1.481g=$105SOLD-4-0.933g=65-SOLD
Click on any photo to enlarge
uynu ................... jn .................................... njuClick on photos to enlarge
5 1.730g -SOLD6C-2.964g = 207.50SOLD ...........7 ORIENTED SOLD
Click on any photo to enlarge
uyt........... yu ................ aa ................... ass
8CH SOLD...........9- 1.566g=$110-SOLD.10- 1.493g=$105-SOLD.11SOLD
Click on any photo to enlarge
............... asdf ............ fds ..................... dfgh
Click on any photo to enlarge
................. jkl ....... l;' ....................... po
16 2.355g=$165-SOLD..17 SOLD..,,,,,18 - 1.906g = $133.50.SOLD.19 SOLD
Click on any photo to enlarge
ytr .......................... ew....................... . wer . ..............tyu
20- 1.480g = $103.50.SOLD.21- 1.846g = $129-SOLD........22 CHSOLD......23 CH Oriented 1.381g= $96.50
Click on any photo to enlarge
786 ....................... oo......................... . uu .............. iii
24 1.553g = $109-
.SOLD..25 CH 1.678g = $117.50 .SOLD.26 CH 1.293g = SOLD ..27Oriented = $ 85- SOLD
Click on any photo to enlarge

yt............ ee ................. rr ....................... ww
28 CH 1.773g = $124- ............................29- 1.716g = $120 .SOLD......30 CH SOLD ...31- 1.766 OEIENTED = $176 SOLD
Click on any photo to enlarge
er .................... qq ........... tt .............. yu .................. trew
32-1.377g = $96.50 ..SOLD. 33 /-SOLD ....-34-1.974g = $138- .SOLD.....-35 / 1.576g = SOLD ..-36 CH 1.532g = $107- .

Click on any photo to enlarge
D1 = $75
D2 = $ $80
D3 = $105-
D4 = $75

Order by "Lot A #1" or "Lot A #2," etc. Avg weight = 0.776g
(will weigh upon ordering) Same price per gram.

bbbb SOLD
Order as above, "Lot B #1" or Lot B #2," etc.
Will weigh when you order - Avg = 1.2g

cccccc SOLD
Lot C Average Weight = 1.45g Will Weigh upon ordering.

#D1- 1.166g = $81.50
#D2 - 1.284g = $90-
#D4 - 1.145g = $80-
#D5 - 1.184g = $83-

June 27, 2015 Famin H/L3 Iran
. .
Click on photos to enlarge
On the 27th of June a meteorite fell in the town of Famenin, Iran. At about 8:30 that morning, a fellow living in the town
heard a loud bang on his roof and decided to take a look. What he discovered when he got up onto his flat roof was a hole
the size of his fist and number of black rock fragments scattered about. The rocks turned out to be bits of a meteorite that
had slammed into his house and shattered into numerous pieces which were then scattered over a radius of many meters.
The largest pieces were collected from the hole itself while many of the smaller fragments were collected from the rooftop
and the street below. In an odd coincidence, one of the broken pieces was recovered from a neighbouring apartment after,
reportedly, coming through an open window.

The classification being submitted to the Meteoritical Society is a transitional H/L3 type. This makes it one of 51 recorded
H/L meteorites. S
ince only 8 of these were H/L3 (none of which were falls) with a TKW of just over 1300g, this 700g
meteorite is very rare, indeed!

No specimens yet available.

Click on photos to enlarge

September 18, 2015 Maldonado Uruguay - no photos yet of the house, roof or interior damage
Meteorite Fall Hits House 18SEP2015 Maldonado, Uruguay Meteorite Fall Hits House 18SEP2015 A 712 gram meteorite
penetrated the roof of a house in, breaking through the foofing slate and broke the mattress of a bed and a Television.
This is the first meteorite ever reported found in Uruguay.

No specimens yet available.


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