Money issues were one of the key reasons I resigned from the IMCA,
Though my resignation was not limited to these listed below.


1- Though many members have repeatedly asked for a financial report from the IMCA, members have been told, by the board, QUOTE: What is the big deal? Don't you trust us? UNQUOTE When information like this is withheld, it is easy to lose your trust.

2- The IMCA has involved itself in disputes between dealers. Several dealers have chosen to resign rather than have the IMCA used to leveraged in their personal transactions with other dealers. This was a major factor for me, but definitely far from the only factor in my Resigning.

3- The IMCA has recently taken it upon themselves to condemn people dealing in meteorites from countries that prohibit exportation - in spite of the fact that I have been told by several people I trust that one prominent Board Member was openly offering Burduc at the Tucson Show and another had been personally involved in exporting Burduc.

4- When someone does resign, the remaining dealer is free to state their position and make any accusations they please. The resigned dealer is not even allowed to know what was said about him. (I was told by a good friend it is against the rules to foreword any IMCA post to a non-member). I know of several dealers who have been ejected or resigned rather than be subjected to the hypocrisy of IMCA power brokers - and all but one were over issues NOT having anything to do with authenticity.

5- I recommended Michael Gilmer for membership as he is a fine, open hearted & genuinely good guy - The IMCA refused to accept Michael Gilmer as a member though he had done nothing wrong, stating he, QUOTE: "has not been around long enough." Is there a defined waiting period for acceptance? I doubt that if he was a collector and not a dealer this would have been the decision. I believe Board members - who act in secret, weild Power with NO input from the membership have increasingly moved toward A position of "competition control" regarding dealers, targeting specific dealers with whom they have personal issues.

6- I feel the death of Ron Hartman marked the end of my hope for any soon-comming reform of the IMCA to its original purpose and for financial accountability to its members and cessation of hypocritical actions by the board members.

I will miss the camaraderie of the IMCA dinner at the Tucson show. That, unfortunately, is just about all I ever benefited from by being a member. Since the board apparently rules with accountability to no one, and engages in the above behavior, I see no reason to be affiliated with the organization.

The IMCA was ORIGINALLY created for one specific purpose: To insure authenticity of material being sold. Unfortunately it has become an organization run almost exclusively by dealers and has been used against other dealers. It has NO financial accountability whatsoever and is run by a board that answers to NO ONE.

My wife tells me I am the most naive person she ever met. I tend to think of myself as thinking the best of people until they prove me wrong. Unfortunately, I believe I have been proven wrong in the case of the IMCA. I now join Bob Haag, E. T., Mike Farmer, Blaine Reed, Matt Morgan and a large and growing number of other honest, long time dealers who have declined membership in this organization or who have resigned.

Sincerely, Michael