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Greetings Meteorite Friends.
Below are the photos of friends who have either sent me their photo for
the purpose of inclusion on this site or who's photos have appeared in
articles or photo sites on the net previously. HOWEVER, if, for any
reason an individual would like their photo removed from this page
(or would like the spelling of their name corrected)
simply email me at mlblood@cox.net and I will take it down right away,
correct the spelling, etc.
Likewise, if you were not included, PLEASE EMAIL ME with a JPG or,
better yet, several JPGs of yourself attached. Please do include your
first and last name as I am a notoriously poor speller.

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Adam Hupe

Alain Carion

Alexander Gehler

Alexander Seidel

Alhyane "Aziz" Abdelaziz

Click on Photos to Enlarge
Ali Hmani

Al Lang

Andreas Gren

Andrei Razvan

Andrew Abraham

Anita Westlake

Anne Black

Art Jones

Ben Sinclair

Bernd Pauli

Bernd Ruschinzik

Bill Jensen

Bill Kieskowski

Bill "Rusty" Mason

Bill Whiddon gone but not forgotten

Blaine Reed

Bob Evans

Bob Haag

Bob Jackson

Bob Holmes

Bob King

Bob Verish

Bob Walker

Bruce Wegman

Bruno Fectay

Calvin Shipbaugh

Carine Bidaut

Carsten Giessler

Casey Conway

Cecil Caufield

Charly Viau

Chris Aubeck

Chris Authom

Chris Monrad

Christian Anger

Christophe Boucher

Cindi Gayda gone but not forgotten

Conny Poloczek

Daniel Ames

Darryl Futrel gone but not forgotten

Darryl Pitt

Dave Carothers

Dave Freeman

Dave Gheesling

Dave Harris

Dave Mouat

Dave Pensenstadler

Dave Schultz

David Bryant

David Deyarmin

David Hardy

David Weir

Dean Bessey

Click on Photos to Enlarge
Dennis Wells

Dieter Heinlein

Dirk Hohmann

Dirk Ross

Don Edwards

Don Lohr gone but not forgotten

Don Murchant

Dorothy Norton

Ed Grondine

Eduardo Jawerbaum

Edwin Thompson - "ET"

Elton Jones

Eric Heiderer

Eric Olson

Eric Twelker

Eric Wichman

Fabrice Kessler

Federico Bruno

Francesco Moser

Frank Cressy

Fred Hall

Fred Olsen

Fredric Beroud

Gaetan Cormier

Gary Foote
Click on Photos to Enlarge
gary f
Gary Fujihara

Geoff Cintron

Geoff Notkin

George Blahun Jr

George Zay

Georgia Clary

Ginger Mayfield

Giovanni Sostero

Goran Axelsson

Greg Hupe

Greg Lindh

Gregory Wilson

Greg Redfern

Greg Stanley


Hal Povenmire

Hanno Strufe

Hans Koser

Ingo Herkstroeter

Iris Lang

Ivan Kouthyriev

Jake Pelletier

Jan Bartels

Jason Phillips

Click on Photos to Enlarge
Jason Utas

Jeannie Devon

Jeff Kuyken

Jenny Turner

Jerry Armstrong

Jerry Flaherty

Jim Baxter
Jim Brady

Jim Kriegh - Gone but not forgotten

Jim Schwade
Click on Photos to Enlarge

Jim Smaller

Jim Strope

Jim Tobin

Joel Schiff

John Blennert

John Gwilliam

John Humphries

John Kashuba

Jose Guggiari

Joseph Robertson

Jürgen Nauber

Katsuhito Ohtsuka

Ken Newton

Ken Regelman

Kevin Decker

Kevin Forbes

Kevin Kessell

Kevin Kichinka

Kitty Killgore

Larry Atkins

Larry Lebofsky

Lars Pedersen

Lea Dejouy

Leigh Anne DelRay

Louis Carion

Luigi Pizzimenti

Ma Lan

Manfred Dannapfel

Marc Fries

Marcin Cimala

Marco Langbroek

Maria Haas

Marc Fries

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Mark Bostick "the big collector"

Mark Bowling

Mark Crawford

Mark Ferguson

Mark Ford

Martin Altmann

Click on Photos to Enlarge
Martin Horejsi

Marvin Killgore

Matt Morgan

Mauro Ianeselli

McCartney Taylor

Michael Blood

Michael Bross

Michael Cottingham

Michel Franco

Michael Gilmer & wife, Tina
Michael Johnson

Michael Murray

Mike Antonelli

Mike Bandli

Mike Farmer

Mike Fowler

Mike Gallant

Mike Jensen

Mike Martinez

Mike Miller

Mike "Tett" Tettenborn

Mirko Graul

Moni Waiblinger

Moritz Karl
Click on Photos to Enlarge

Morten Bilet

Muhammad Shams

Nancy Hardy

Nicholas Gessler

Nicolas Goldberg

Norbert Classen

Norbert Kammel

Norm Lehrman

Olaf Gabel

O Richard Norton

Paul Harris

Paul Martyn

Paul Swartz

Pekka Savolainen

Peter Heydelaar

Peter Kummel

Peter Marmet

Peter Utas

Pete Shugar

Philip Mani

Click on Photos to Enlarge
Philippe Thomas

Philip 'Pib' Burns

Pierre Marie Pele

Piper Holier

Proud Tom, Meteorite Crusader & Stud Muffin

Randall Gregory

Ray Pickard

Rhett Bourland

Rick Kujawa

Rob Elliott

Click on Photos to Enlarge
Robert Matson

Rob Lenssen

Rob McCafferty

Rob Wesel

Roman Jiresek

Ron Baalke

Ron Hartman

Click on Photos to Enlarge
Rosemary Hackney

Sabine Valange

Sean Murray

Click on Photos to Enlarge
Serge Avanasiev

Sergey Vasiliev

Simon de Boer

Sonny Clary

Stefan Brandes

Stefan Ralew

Srephan Decker

Stephen Dunklee

Click on Photos to Enlarge
Sterling Webb

Steve Arnold - "Chicago Steve"

Steve Arnold

Steve Drummond

Click on Photos to Enlarge
Steve McLain

Steve Schoner

Svend Buhl

Ted Brattstrom

Terry Wogan

Thomas Grau

Thomas Kurtz

Thomas Merz

Thomas Webb

Click on Photos to Enlarge
Tim Heitz

Todd Carter

Tomasz Jakubowski

Tom "Peragrinflier" J. Knudsen

Click on Photos to Enlarge
Tom Phillips

Tom Randall

Tom Toffoli

Tracy Latimer

Twink Monrad

Uwe Figge

Wally Cluett

Click on Photos to Enlarge
Walter & Rebekah Branch

Walter Zeitschel

Zelimir Gabelica
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