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This material originally sold for $5,000/g....then eventually for $3,500/g. A few years after that, $2,500/g. On rare occasion of
late it has been seen as low as $1,500/g. However there are very few specimens approaching a gram in size left.
This is a beautiful 1.180g specimen displaying the type of interior that makes NWA 5000 considered by most to be the most
beautiful of all lunar materials found.
If no one snaps this up quickly, it will go in my catalog at $1,600-. This sale = $825- SOLD
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Chelyabinsk 4.15g rich, black FC covers all but a portion of the nerrow bottom. Stands and displays beautifully. This material is continuing
to hold its value - at least the black fusion crusted ones are. Sale price 4.15g = $80-
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838.1g New Campo with perfectly located, natural hole.
Try to buy one of these in Tucson from the source for under
$1/g....Need bucks, $165- takes it.
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New Campo with 2 HOLES. Outstanding specimen. Need cash = $325-

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VERY THIN SLICE, yealds a lot of surface area on this 60mg
shergotite. A very nice one. $30
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Chergach - PERFECT 20.9g = 62.50SOLD
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2 nice Chergach specimens with rich FC and broken sides.
6.079g = $15.50
5.385g = $13.50
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S-A with perfect hole. It looks "drilled" - but I trusted my source and
close inspection shows it is natural - perfectly located for a spectacular
pendant. 11.344g = $65-
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Perfect Camel Donga at $14/g - $80

11111 . 1122 .112233 . 123345
Canyon Diablo 386g beauty. This is the best "smalle" one I have owned - or even seen. I am not eager to let it go, so, the
buyer will have to wrench it from my hands for $350-
(I wouldn't sell it at all, but no paychecks for teaching in the summer require it)

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Extremely rare Hammer, Bells. This C2 Ungrouped is excedingly
difficult to find.
.04g = $100
.02g = $60
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Photo of this fine specimen is inexplicably "yellow" - the specimen,
itself shows no yellow - primarily B&W with a couple of small chondrules
of red. Outstanding Diogenite with low TKW. 2.9g = $55-
Amahata-Sitta (Urilite, Polymict Annomalous) Fell Oct. 7, 2008 - the only meteorite
recovered from the fall of an object observed as an asteroid heading for earth - and a
very rare type.....mixed with a small TKW that is almost entirely in institutional hands.
This is an exceptionally large slice ( .600g ). The person who sells the most of this
material is Anne Black. On her site there is a .6 specimen offered - cost is $950. All
other specimens of this material are like-priced. An absolute steal at $375
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