There were two stones recovered: one struck the woman and the other did not. The second stone is part of the hammer fall but NOT the actual hammer stone. It went Into the Smithsonian, and it is part of that stone which is made available Below.

I had 3 pieces from the stone that struck the woman and sold them for $15,000 per gram – when I first offered them (2 sold right away and the 3rd piece sold about 2 or 3 months later.

I am looking to sell these rapidly and am pricing them LESS THAN 1/6th the price of the actual hammer stone,
though the material is just about As rare!

All specimens come with a copy of the Smithsonian Label for Specimen #3-93, (The 10.1g specimen from which these were cut) and a Certificate of Authenticity which includes a photo of the specific specimen you are receiving and the provenience of the piece, outlining the history of the piece from the Smithsonian to you.

26mg = $150- (this about 15 times the size of
the tiny frags of the Hammer Stone sold for this price)sh
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.664g = $1,650- sxClick On Photo For Larger Image

.771g = $1,925- sc Click On Photo For Larger Image

1.156g = $2,875- sd Click On Photo For Larger Image

1.795g = $4,475- sf Click On Photo For Larger Image