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WEB Hosting
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On Line Storage
Fax Through Email
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Express Email Marketing
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easy, simple and soft on your wallet

NOTE: You can have
web hosting
for as little as under $4 per month and a
domain name (or several domain names) for under $11 per YEAR
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Nearly UNLIMITED pages and photos.
(well, there is some limit, but I ave literally hundreds of pages and
many, many hundreds of photos and am WAY below the "limit")

Why? Well, for one thing you can have COUNTLESS photos that can be downloaded, you can sell things....you can do ANYTHING you like with your own web site.

If you know NOTHING about how to set up a web site (I didn't when I started) you can cheaply acquire "old" software
(what was "New" 2 years ago is just as good as it was then) very cheaply and You Tube Tutorials are available for
every conceivable task you want to perform)

Want ongoing availability of data telling you how many hits you got on each page? Daily? Weekly? Monthly?
No problem. Want to know where your visitors are coming from (how did they get to your page)? No problem.

Want ongoing, unbelievable access by phone to your web hosting outfit? Discuss ANY problems you are having
(usually, at least in my case, due to my own lack of awareness)? No problem.


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